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10 (Probably) Unknown Points of Interest in Kyoto

Coffee or tea and a rest at Bukko-ji

What it is

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Bukko-ji is located near the subway station Shijo. It’s not a famous temple despite great wooden buildings and magnificent colors on the trees during spring and autumn that make for some pretty nice views and photos. But all in all it’s still difficult to recommend going there on purpose, especially since you can’t enter the buildings.[break]
However there’s also a café with a tatami-covered floor and low tables that serves tea, coffee and some simple pastries. So if you’re looking for a truly Japanese and peaceful break, that’s the place to go!



Once you’ve walked inside the Bukko-ji from the main gate, the café is on your right.



One doesn’t go to this café to try crazy ice-creams, one-of-a-kind pastries or trail-blazing drinks, but rather for its atmosphere that seems out of time. To enjoy the view over the temple’s inner courtyard – usually empty – to delight in a moment of peace after a day spent shopping or running around the mountains, to take time to talk in a quiet environment; that’s what you’ll get there.

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