Audio Quality Assurance

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Need to make sure your audio content in a foreign language sounds like it’s supposed to?

By checking pronunciation accuracy, recording quality (no disturbing noises, smooth transitions, clean cuts…), adherence to the script, proper synchronization to picture when needed, accuracy of the speaker’s performance and all the little things that go into any recording, I’ll help guarantee your audio in a foreign language matches your specifications!

I personally work on French audio but can call upon other professionals to handle other languages!

Examples of Past Projects

The following are examples of audio quality assurance projects I’ve worked on in the past:

• Listening to the French dubbing of training, yoga and dance videos to be featured in an app, to ensure the proper synchronization of sound to image, accuracy of the voice actors’ performances (clear pronunciation, energy level matching the content, etc.), high sound quality and close adherence to the scripts (especially that any deviation doesn’t impact the overall meaning).

• Listening to the French dubbing of an animation TV series for children to evaluate the suitability of the voice actors cast for each role and the accuracy of their performance compared with the original English version and what’s happening on-screen.

• …and more!