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  • Update of the Voice Over & Dubbing page under the Services tab! Discover new projects featuring my voice along with an up-to-date list of customers. Need a voice to breathe life into your message or characters? Then get in touch (“contact” tab)!
  • New blog post! “Lifestyle Design – Building the Life You Dream of” – a deeper and more comprehensive version of my TEDx Talk to help everyone live the life of their choice. Based on my own story and ways of doing things.
  • New blog post (more than 3 years after the previous one T_T)! “10 (Probably) Unknown Points of Interest in Kyoto” – something for the fans of Japan and Kyoto and those who plan to visit or live here!
  • Almost every page on the site has been reworked to make them shorter, more to the point and easier to navigate. There’s also a new page dedicated to the animation project based on the Chronicles of Galadria! (Chronicles of Galadria > The Animation Series) Dead links? Contact me!
  • Next news in the series (alright, this is not going as fast as I thought it would but it’s moving anyway!): head to About>Who Am I to check out the TEDx Talk I gave about Lifestyle Design! Or go to YouTube directly: https://youtu.be/eto0ySo6VM4

Services Offered & Current Projects

Localization Services: translation, subtitling, proofreading, transcreation...

To make your English or Swedish content available in French!

Management Services: project management, business development, team leadership...

To help you get your projects done!

Voice over & Dubbing Services: performances in French, English or Swedish.

To breath life onto your message and characters!

Animation Series Project: looking for graphic artist and production companies interested in turning my novel into an animation series.

Get in touch!

Need a service I offer? Something tailor-made? Interested in helping out with the animation project? Or you'd simply like to talk about the book, the music or the association (or just say hi!)? Contact me!