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  • New page “Public Appearances” under the “About” tab! There you’ll find the interviews, conferences and such I have given throughout the years.
  • New blog post! “10 Things to Know (How to Do) to Be a Freelancer” – a list of tips taken from my experience on the tools to use, the processes to implement and the mindset to have to help those wishing to start freelancing and those facing problems.
  • Update of the Voice Over & Dubbing page under the Services tab! Discover new projects featuring my voice along with an up-to-date list of customers. Need a voice to breathe life into your message or characters? Then get in touch (“contact” tab)!
  • New blog post! “Lifestyle Design – Building the Life You Dream of” – a deeper and more comprehensive version of my TEDx Talk to help everyone live the life of their choice. Based on my own story and ways of doing things.
  • New blog post (more than 3 years after the previous one T_T)! “10 (Probably) Unknown Points of Interest in Kyoto” – something for the fans of Japan and Kyoto and those who plan to visit or live here!

Services Offered & Current Projects

Localization Services: translation, subtitling, proofreading, transcreation...

To make your English or Swedish content available in French!

Management Services: project management, business development, team leadership...

To help you get your projects done!

Voice over & Dubbing Services: performances in French, English or Swedish.

To breath life onto your message and characters!

Animation Series Project: looking for graphic artist and production companies interested in turning my novel into an animation series.

Get in touch!

Need a service I offer? Something tailor-made? Interested in helping out with the animation project? Or you'd simply like to talk about the book, the music or the association (or just say hi!)? Contact me!