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  • And to kick-start the upcoming series of updates, head to the “voice-over & dubbing” tab to discover new showreels (bottom of the page) and customer projects! Need a voice to breathe life into your message or characters? Then get in touch (“contact” tab)!
  • Almost a year since the last update! Sorry for such a long silence on my end (partly due to my move to Kyoto, Japan, in March 2020!). However new stuff is coming up on the blog and regarding the Chronicles of Galadria so stay tuned!
  • Minor website update! The services I provide are now divided into 3 clear categories with a dedicated page for each. Hopefully it’ll be easier to navigate and understand! Have a look under “Services”.
  • Minor update: my voice over & dubbing services now have their own, dedicated page, available under the “services” tab. Feel free to listen to the demos and to have a look at the various projects I’ve worked on! And as usual, check the “contact” tab if you need my services.
  • The 6th (and last!) volume of the “Chronicles of Galadria” is now available in Spanish, under the name “Crónicas de Galadria VI – Esperanza”! You’ll find more info under the tab “Chronicles of Galadria”.

Services offered

Localization: translation, subtitling, proofreading, transcreation...

To make your English or Swedish content available in French!

Management: project management, business development, team leadership...

To help you get your projects done!

Voice over & Dubbing: performances in French, English or Swedish.

To breath life onto your message and characters!


I'm always looking for new business opportunities so whether you need some of the services advertised here or none of them fit but you believe my skills can still help, do get in touch!

Same if you simply want to talk about the book, the music, a specific blog post or whatever else!