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Need to make your creative content available to an audience speaking a foreign language?

Video games, comics, TV series, documentaries, animation films, board games but also PR & marketing; whatever your creative, multimedia or entertainment content, I’ll translate it to make it accessible to a new audience!
I specialize in texts that demand strong creative writing abilities in order to move away from the original wording while keeping the same tone and message, but expressed in the target language.

Additionally, I personally work from English or Swedish into French. But should you require other language combinations, I can call upon other professionals.

What’s the difference between “Translation” and “Transcreation”?
Both involve translating content from one language (“source”) to another (“target”) but differ in the degree of freedom given to the translator:

• Translation: the translator follows the source text as closely as possible (same sentence & paragraph division, same flow of ideas, same key words, etc.) while still producing a text that flows naturally and is grammatically correct of course.
• Transcreation: the translator focuses solely on conveying the same message with the same tone as the original text and has full creative freedom to do so (including dividing the text differently, removing/adding expressions and cultural references, etc.).

Examples of Past Projects

The following are examples of translation and transcreation projects I’ve worked on in the past:

• Translation of game content: dialogues, name of items/places/attacks/spells, storytelling elements, introduction manual…
• Transcreation of manga/comics/webtoons
• Translation of voice over scripts for TV documentaries & online videos (corporate, tutorials…)
• Translation & transcreation of PR material: social media articles, brochures, news…
• Transcreation of a radio ad (song)
• Transcreation of audio guides focused on tourism and French cuisine
• Transcreation of a TV animation series for kids (characters’ dialogues)
• …and more!