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logo blog post introducing the blogWelcome to the blog! The idea behind this section is to have a place where I can talk about topics I am interested in, whether related to the other parts of the website or not. It’s also an opportunity to introduce myself a little more, beyond what is available under the other tabs.

You will find here tips and advice taken from my experience in various fields, ideas and opinions I would like to share with others, various thoughts on multiple topics, and a lot more. Everything is gathered under categories (see widgets on the left or bottom) depending on the kind of article written and its subject.

Finally I would also like to encourage readers to drop a comment after reading an article if they have something to say. After all the ideas exposed are only my own and are open for debate. You are also very welcome to get in touch!

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10 Things to Know (How to Do) to Be a Freelancer

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Over this last couple of years, the number of people deciding to make the leap to self-employment and work as freelancers has dramatically increased, all over the world. For some, this is the hope of taking back control over their lives, instead of having to accept the tyranny (real or perceived) of regular employment. For others, this is the only way in the face of a job market where they just can’t find their place.

With COVID and the discovery that in the 21st century, it is perfectly possible to work wherever and whenever we want while remaining productive (something most freelancers have understood and applied for years; the famous “digital nomads”), the border between freelancers and employees is blurring. For instance in Japan, where I live, I’ve witnessed the explosion of « Workation Programs”; promotion initiatives (usually of countryside areas) where accommodation and work spaces are provided for very cheap prices, sometimes even for free (actually in some cases we’re even paid to come!). Of course, most freelancers could have benefited from this a long time ago, and the reason it’s growing now is obvious; more and more traditional employees are able to use such programs.

Will this lead to further developing freelancing as a way of working? Or on the contrary, will it decrease considering its major advantages are starting to be found among more traditional employment forms? Read more »

Lifestyle Design: Building the Life You Dream of

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Building the Life We Dream of Is a Duty

Being able to build the life of our dream… That’s an appealing promise indeed! For we all have wishes, dreams, things we want, preferences, tastes and centers of interest that define what we decide to spend our time on. So in a way, we’re all trying to live the life of our choice, but with more or less success.

However in my opinion this search is not only instinctive and to be encouraged, but also a duty. And to understand why we must go back to 2009, when I discovered Read more »

10 (Probably) Unknown Points of Interest in Kyoto

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When I arrived in Kyoto in early March 2020, I had a pretty clear goal: to spend as much time as possible with the friends I already had there and to grow my social network (both private and professional). I wasn’t on vacations – I was there to establish the foundations of a new life after having put an end to the one I had built in Sweden for the past 10 years. Besides, my working-holiday visa lasting only one year, there wasn’t any time to waste.

In practice that meant dividing my time between money-making activities coming through my company, outings with friends (and through them the possibility to meet new people), to try and find customers and professional partners in Japan (relying on face-to-face meetings rather than e-mails), and finally spending whatever time was left at my coworking space to get the administrative paperwork done, along with anything left (such as writing this blog post!). What about tourism and enjoying the city and the country you ask? Well, perhaps… if there was time left.

It all started rather well, but as they say: Read more »

Can we Improve the World Through Personal Development?

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The following article was first published in Jönköping International Business School’s magazine in 2011. It is based on ideas that crossed my mind during a particularly happy time of my life, in 2010, when I felt I wanted to make a contribution, to give something back to the world but just couldn’t decide how. I discussed these ideas a couple of month later with a friend who was in charge of the university’s magazine. He found them interesting and suggested that I wrote an article on the topic. And I did. As much as a way to organize my thoughts and put them on paper as a way to open a debate and exchange opinions.

Later on I based my Master’s thesis on similar concepts, although more focused on entrepreneurs & business owners this time. The result was a bit clumsy but I believe suggested interesting thoughts worth investigating further.

Likewise, the following article is a little clumsy too, perhaps unclear on some parts, but I like to think that it contains valuable ideas, especially in the troubled times that are ours now, which is why I wanted to publish it again though online this time. I’ve added some thoughts and comments at the end that reflect Read more »

How to Best Manage Multicultural & Multilingual Meetings


The importance and difficulties of knowing how to communicate with people with different languages and cultures

It is no secret that communicating with people from other countries has become more and more frequent. First because it’s getting easier but also (or at least one can hope) because it’s being recognized as something necessary. If we focus on business for instance (we could do the same with school, research, etc.) we can easily see that these relationships offer several advantages that also Read more »

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