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10 Things to Know (How to Do) to Be a Freelancer

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Over this last couple of years, the number of people deciding to make the leap to self-employment and work as freelancers has dramatically increased, all over the world. For some, this is the hope of taking back control over their lives, instead of having to accept the tyranny (real or perceived) of regular employment. For others, this is the only way in the face of a job market where they just can’t find their place.

With COVID and the discovery that in the 21st century, it is perfectly possible to work wherever and whenever we want while remaining productive (something most freelancers have understood and applied for years; the famous “digital nomads”), the border between freelancers and employees is blurring. For instance in Japan, where I live, I’ve witnessed the explosion of « Workation Programs”; promotion initiatives (usually of countryside areas) where accommodation and work spaces are provided for very cheap prices, sometimes even for free (actually in some cases we’re even paid to come!). Of course, most freelancers could have benefited from this a long time ago, and the reason it’s growing now is obvious; more and more traditional employees are able to use such programs.

Will this lead to further developing freelancing as a way of working? Or on the contrary, will it decrease considering its major advantages are starting to be found among more traditional employment forms? Read more »