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Want Your Content to Sound Natural and Appealing?

You’ve got unintelligible Machine Translated content on your hands? Perhaps you wish to change the tone of an otherwise fine text? Or you simply need a second pair of eyes to make sure everything is correct? No matter how rough or polished your text is, I’ll use my writing abilities to bring it to the next level and ensure it fulfills its purpose!


Just like copy editing, proofreading involves reading through and correcting texts, but the focus is on making as few adjustments as possible to ensure the content is grammatically correct, flows naturally and is true to the tone & message of the source material (in case of translation).

Copy Editing

Just like proofreading, copy editing involves reading through and correcting texts, but with the freedom to make extensive changes to improve the content, adapt it to the cultural sensitivity of the audience, modify the tone (think adding a fresh and energetic vibe to an otherwise dry report), etc.

Multiple Languages

I personally work on content in French (from France), but can team up with other professionals to cover other languages, and handle the process for you (so you only have one person to speak with — me).

Customer Cases

The following are examples of proofreading & copy editing projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Copy editing website content that had been machine translated and edited by a translator to improve the flow of ideas and correct remaining mistakes and inconsistencies.
Proofreading audio guide scripts to correct grammatical and syntax mistakes while maintaining their unique tone.
Copy editing the translated scripts of an animation series for children to change the tone from formal and “written” to “spoken” and informal (in line with their target audience).
Proofreading dozens of translated texts on various topics to ensure consistency in the words chosen, respect of the customers’ instructions and official glossary, natural flow, truthfulness to the source text and overall grammatical accuracy.
…and more!

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