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Want to Breath Life Into Your On-Screen Characters?

Whether you need an extra, a second role or even a main role, my acting skills will make your characters believable and strengthen your message!


Here’s a link to download pictures and access additional details: Composite — David Gay-Perret


I’m mostly based in Kyoto, Japan, but willing to travel if necessary.

Past Performances

The following are examples of productions in which I performed as an on-screen actor.

Count Montblanc – 歴史探偵:渋沢栄一inパリ万博 (Historical Detective: Eiichi Shibusawa in Paris Expo), NHK, Japan
Pastry chef – ウラマヨ (Uramayo), KTV, Japan
Extra – The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Hero, Fuji TV, Japan
Russian soldier – 復活!ビーバップ!ハイヒール、花はどこへ行った (Be Bop & High Heel – Revival, episode Where have all the flowers gone?), ABC, Japan
Michael Jackson’s Chef – ロストグルメ (The Lost Gourmet), TBS, Japan
Extra – 逆転人生 (Reversal Life), NHK, Japan

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