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10 (Probably) Unknown Points of Interest in Kyoto

Hiking on Ogurayama

What it is

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Most people visiting Kyoto know about Arashiyama because of the Tenryu-ji, the bamboo grove nearby, the bridge and perhaps the monkey park (along with all the tourist shops connecting all these spots!).[break]
However there’s a short hike to the top of a nearby hill – Ogurayama – with incredible views over the area. I didn’t find that out myself though; a lady who started speaking to me while I was taking a rest in Kameyama Park advised me to go there and explained how. Thank you madam!



You must first walk all the way to the top of Kameyama Park, until you reach an open ground with benches and a view over Hoshinoya Kyoto Hotel and the Katsura River below. From there, while facing the hotel and river, go right until you reach a wooden signpost indicating 小倉山 (Ogurayama). Take the path going upwards behind it.[break]
It’s mostly dirt, sometimes properly marked. Either way just follow it, straight on for 20 or 30 minutes. There are fences on the right you can walk along.



Avoid hot days as there’s still some climbing to do (Kameyama Park first, then Ogurayama itself).[break]
Once you reach the top there are benches to rest so feel free to bring a pic-nic! When I went there I had my lap-top with me to work. An office in the middle of nature with a view over Arashiyama; what more could a man ask for?

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