The European Project – What Future?

The European Project – What Future?

European Union, Schengen Space, Euro Zone, single market… They are all but methods created to reach a vision. But what is this vision? What are we actually trying to build? Lasting peace in a region plagued by centuries of war was the initial goal. We reached it, now what? Go back to what once was, however unsatisfying, and prove that history repeats itself and that we never learn? Or go somewhere else, try something new?

The European Project, on top of being a key project for Europe, has the potential to become one of the greatest achievements of mankind
, a beacon of hope and inspiration, the proof that humans are made to live together and help each other. It has already brought some successes though it’s far from perfect and it faces the same challenges as any great project: fear, misunderstandings, cowardice, lack of faith in its success…

But these limitations can be overcome to let the Project reach its full potential: we need a clear and well-communicated vision that seeks to bring European cooperation to a whole new level, that receives the support of European citizens via democratic means and that is used as a point of reference when choosing, implementing and adjusting the methods.

To those who’d give it all up for whatever reason: look around you at people and the planet craving for unity, look at all that has been achieved and how the life of European citizens has changed for the better between the end of World War II (and before that) and today, look at what we could build, and then ask yourself: “isn’t this worth fighting for?”

Any decision born from negative feelings WILL have dramatic consequences, as history (and our everyday life) has taught us over and over again. So turn fear into courage, doubt into willpower and dare to carry through what has never been done before.

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