Voice over & Dubbing

Want your characters to be believable and your message to be remembered?

Corporate & explainer videos, TV/radio/Internet ads, films & series, animation, video games: no matter your project I’ll give life to your characters and strengthen your message!

• In French (France – mother tongue)
• In English & Swedish with more or less of a French accent

Feel free to listen to these demos for a sample of what I can do!
(If you’d like to hear the full version of one or more of the performances showcased here, contact me.)

Customer Projects

Click here for customer testimonials and to read more about projects involving services not listed here, a mix of services from different categories and/or based on results to reach instead of services to provide.

Below are some of the projects I’ve worked on.
For a more extensive list, check out this YouTube playlist.
There are many more projects whose end result I don’t have access to or am not allowed to showcase publicly. For instance:

Short-films narrator on “Lead Balloons”
Video-games character voices on “Winked”, “The Bass Game”, “Mole Miners”, “Simure Vikings”, “Zombyte”…
Narrator of corporate & explainer videos for Oracle, the EU, Adobe, Danone, the UN, DELL, GE Healthcare, Nokia, Shell, Total…
Narrator of tutorials & training videos for L’Oréal, KLM, Lidl…
Narrator of radio/TV/Internet ads for Friskies, Hubspot, Mobile Vikings, AG2R La Mondiale, Lavazza…
Documentary narrator on “Hilleman – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children”
E-learning narrator and character voices for Deloitte, GRT Gaz, BNP Paribas, Tag Heuer…
Narrator of a VR training for Rademaker
Narrator and character voices for museum exhibitions for Mulhouse’s Electropolis museum & Archives Nationales de Grenoble
Narrator of audio-guides for Grundfos Museum & Cocotte Food Tour
IVR voice for Habtic/The Factory & LGH – The Lifting Experts
• And more!

      Radio Ad Cernitol Novum

Recording Options

• From my home studio: sound-treated booth, mic Audio Technica AT2020USB+, Cubase, Adobe Audition, headphones Beyerdynamic DT250, Windows 10 PC. Live directing & remote recording available via Skype, Source Connect Now and ipDTL.
Cheapest, fastest and simplest option. Adapted to most projects.

• From a professional studio I’ll find at my location (Kyoto, Japan)
When my home studio just isn’t enough or when requiring a sound engineer and/or creative director.

• At your location or from a studio of your choice, anywhere
If you want greater control or have specific requirements that are unique to you.

Note: recordings from my home studio are delivered “dry”, meaning without mixing or mastering.
Light editing (removing breathing and mouth noises, wrong takes, etc.) is usually included.


      Dry Studio Demo