Need to make your English or Swedish message available to your French-speaking audience?

Text, video, audio, live conversation: whatever shape your content takes, I’ll help you share it across borders & cultures!

• Translation
• Transcreation
• Transcription
• Proofreading
• Copywriting
• Subtitling
• Interpretation

…and anything else required to localize your message from English or Swedish to French!


Creative content, multimedia and entertainment: video games, comics, TV series, documentaries, animation films, board games… And anything that demands a creative mind able to move away from the original wording while keeping the same tone and message, but expressed in the target language.

Some projects I’ve worked on

• Translation of game content: dialogues, name of items/places/attacks/spells, storytelling, introduction manual…
• Translation of manga/comics
• Translation of voice over scripts for TV documentaries, online videos (corporate, tutorials…) and a radio ad (song)
• Translation of PR material: social media articles, brochures, SEO terms, news…
• Transcription of documentaries, interviews, phone calls…
• Subtitling of documentaries, animation series, online videos…
• Crafting of a proofreading test to screen potential new proofreaders
• Review of potential new translators to select the best ones
• Interpretation during the shooting of a documentary, ministerial visits and training sessions for employees

And more!

Some of my customers

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