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Localization: set of services to make your English or Swedish content available in French.
Management: set of services to help you get your projects done.
Voice over & dubbing: voice performances to breath life into your message and characters.

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I developed the services above based on customer needs throughout the years so if you don’t find what you want feel free to get in touch to tell me about the service(s) you need and/or the result(s) you want to achieve, and we’ll develop a tailor-made solution!

Customer Cases
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• Multiple Services
• Services not Advertised

Company: Acamar Films
Industry: animation
Country: United-Kingdom

Assignment: Improving the French Version of their Popular Animated Series for Children “BING”

Initial Contact

Acamar Films was looking online for a French translator specialized in creative content and with experience working on animation scripts. They needed that person to rework the already-existing translation of a specific character’s lines as it was believed to be the main cause behind their animation series’ somewhat milder-than-anticipated success in France.

After successfully passing their test, I was selected for the job.

Real Need

I used our first online video-conference as an opportunity to dig deeper into what the company truly needed, since the initial instructions & explanations seemed incomplete.

That allowed me to understand they first and foremost wanted to understand why their series wasn’t as successful as expected in France, how to change that, and then of course carrying out the necessary actions.

Therefore we moved from initially discussing a specific service (improving the translation of certain character lines) to discussing a result to reach (knowing the causes & potential solutions to ensure the series’ success in France, and implementing the solutions chosen).

Solution Provided

To reach the results targeted, I designed a tailor-made solution that mixed together services advertised on my website and others that aren’t, and invoiced for reaching that result rather than for the services provided (so as to remain flexible in what needed to be done).

Among other things that included:

• Reviewing and comparing the original English versions of the episodes and their translated French versions to identify discrepancies and potential explanations as to why the French series wasn’t as successful as planned.

• Providing detailed feedback of my findings, which covered not only the quality of the translation but also the voice actors cast and the accuracy of their acting performances.

• Participating in online meetings to help Acamar Film pick the best strategy going forward; what to focus on and what to ignore based on budget constraints and the level of importance of each issue.

• Reworking the French scripts to improve everything that needed improving (within the constraints of the chosen strategy) and to create a glossary & instructions for future translators.

• Acting as an advisor (via e-mails or during online meetings) on all topics related to the French version of the animation series.

Company: Cocotte Food Tour
Industry: self-guided tours
Country: France

Assignment: Voicing & Localizing the Company’s Self-Guided Tours

Initial Contact

A few months after voicing a video explaining the concept of Cocotte Food Tour, the company’s founder Estelle Réau contacted me, saying she liked my voice and wanted to discuss the possibility of me voicing the self-guided tours themselves.

Real Need

During our conversation it quickly became clear that the company actually needed more than just a voice actor for their existing French tours; they needed someone who could proofread the scripts, localize them into English, voice them in English and – perhaps most importantly – an adviser on questions related to certain creative decisions (such as the tone to adopt, the role of the narrator, how to best feature the founder’s voice…) and the production process of it all.

Therefore we moved from initially discussing a single specific service I advertise (voicing the French tours) to discussing a whole range of them taken from difference categories and including some that aren’t advertised.

Solution Provided

Rather than invoicing each service separately, I offered a fixed price per food tour that included everything necessary to obtain proper French and English versions (including retakes and other adjustments), along with access to my knowledge & advice whenever necessary to make the tours as good as possible.


Quote BTI

I can highly recommend David to anyone who needs an ambitious, conscientious and driven team player. David’s positive attitude also spurs the rest of the team! Great work so far! Hope to work together a lot more in the future.

Mathias Henning, Head of Multimedia Localization
BTI Studios

Quote Voquent

Alex, Holly and the Project team said you were fantastic to work with and we’re looking forward to doing so again!

Miles Chicoine, Managing Director

Quote LT23

You’ve got talent, vision and follow-through. You have created an excellent and clear strategic vision; you kept us on time and on budget.

Marguerite Beaulieu, co-founder & partner
Language Team 23

Quote MND

The amazing thing is your ability to communicate naturally with just about anyone: our CEO, the purchasing department, the team members, happy or angry people, younger or older…

Nathalie Amelot, Quality Manager & Project Sponsor
Groupe MND

Quote Amesto

David is easy to work with, committed and dedicated and he thinks outside the box. He quickly understood what the job was about and we’re very grateful for the weeks during which he helped us.

Christina Almskog, Key Account Manager
Amesto Translations

Quote Bunny

Thank you for your amazing hard work, we look forward to working on many more projects with you!

Angela Serrano, Head of Talent Management
Translation Bunny

Quote Fasad

You made a brilliant contribution!

Marcus Lindéen, Director "The Acali Experiment"
Fasad Production