You’ll find here the albums not belonging to the “Chronique de l’Autre Monde” series (for more info on those, check this page).

These are pieces composed on-demand for specific projects: each album is independent.

Why only 3 albums?
Because although I have been contacted by various people throughout the years (mostly in the field of audiovisual: slide-shows, films, series…), some projects were never completed, others were based on music from “Chroniques de l’Autre Monde”, and among the projects we actually completed that feature tailor-made compositions, I only deem those from the following 3 albums interesting. 

The Albums

NB: The following albums are available on Jamendo. You can freely listen, download or even use them for your projects as long as:

• My name is mentioned somewhere

• You do not modify the songs (although you can use only parts of them)

• You do not earn money with them

If you wish to use my work for money-making purposes, please purchase a license.

The Night of the Hunter” (2010)

Essentiel(le)” (2010)

La Légende de Mendrock” (2014)

It’s interesting to notice that even though these pieces were composed for specific projects, they still are regularly used in other creations (fan-made videos, projects from professionals…) or listened to as they are!