General Information

My Work in Music Composition

Between when I was 17 and 23 years old I composed several pieces of music. Soundtracks only, mostly symphonic, and I used almost exclusively virtual instruments (VSTi) rather than real ones.
My work can be divided into 3 categories:

• Unpublished pieces: mostly projects canceled half-way through and music I composed as presents (birthdays and such)
Chroniques de l’Autre Monde: 3 albums with music composed to illustrate my novel “Chronicles of Galadria
Music composed on-demand: 3 albums gathering tailor-made pieces I composed for other people’s audiovisual projects

If you’d like to know more about the origin of my work, its evolution and the tools used, feel free to check out “The Backstage”!

Derivative Work

Each track I composed was created to illustrate something specific. However most of them can also be enjoyed as they are, with nothing but a good pair of speakers/earphones. Also once I started publishing my work it naturally gave rise to other uses than what it was initially created for. For instance:

• Use in other projects:
Fans or professionals, many people have used my music in their work. Short movies, “let’s play” videos, covers, slideshows, corporate films, video-games trailers, documentaries… I’ve gathered what I could find on YouTube here and here and there’s also an interesting making of (French only).

• Concerts:
Because I solely relied on virtual instruments to record everything, I quickly started dreaming of hearing and watching a real orchestra playing some of my pieces. I got that chance in 2010, thanks to a small amateur orchestra of teenagers in the town of Hudiksvall (Sweden). Then again in 2012, this time thanks to the official orchestra of the city of Gävle (Sweden). Have a listen!

• The novel and its soundtrack:
The 3 albums of the Chroniques de l’Autre Monde series were composed to illustrate my novel Chronicles of Galadria. And so as a first step in that direction I created videos combining both. Check them out!

• The animation series:
I’m currently working on getting the production of an animation series based on my novel Chronicles of Galadria started. Once ready it’ll be the ultimate combination of the book and its soundtrack.