International Board Gamers

What is “International Board Gamers”?

International Board Gamers – or IBG – is an association I started in June 2018.
It stems from the group “Göteborg Board Games Meetup” which I started during winter 2017 with the goal of gathering board game lovers to play together, meet new people and make new friends. The expansion of this original group combined with new ideas and several people willing to get more involved in making this happens led to the decision to turn it into a real, non-profit association.

Vision, mission and values

IBG’s core purpose is to help people make new friends, especially from different cultures.

Everything we do follows some core rules and values such as using the language that is spoken by most people in a given area (usually English), always welcoming participants and giving them the feeling that they belong to the group (especially newcomers; they should quickly be integrated among the veterans), we are open-minded, we don’t judge and we show respect and tolerance.

In practice we organize social events around board games: gaming sessions, tournaments, discussions… We love board games and are convinced that it’s a very effective way to carry out our purpose (nothing like an hour spent stabbing others in the back to break the ice!).


If you’d like to check what events are coming up and perhaps join us, go to our Meetup page!
For now we’re solely located in Gothenburg, Sweden. But who knows? If people from other corners of the globe like the concept and would like to join us to create a bigger structure, we could start chapters in different cities and regions!