My novel Chronicles of Galadria is currently being translated into multiple languages thanks to Babelcube:

English “Chronicles of Galadria” Volume 1 to 4 available, 5th in progress
French “Chroniques de Galadria” 6 volumes available (original language)
Italian “Cronache di Galadria” Volume 1 to 4 available, need a translator for 5th
Portuguese “Crónicas de Galádria” Volumes 1 to 4 available, need a translator for 5th
Spanish “Crónicas de Galadria” 6 volumes available

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All versions are available as e-books from the main online retailers: Apple, Amazon, Kobo etc.
If your favorite e-book provider is not on this list, just search “David Gay-Perret” directly on their website.

What is Babelcube? Basically a plate-form to connect writers with a book to translate (and who don’t have tens of thousands of Euros to pay for a translation), and translators interested in working on literature (instead of manuals, brochures, etc.). The translator does the work and gets a generous share of the book sales afterwards.

I discovered Babelcube thanks to Jen Minkman, a fellow author who got in touch after seeing the introduction message in my book where I asked for suggestions on how to translate it without the huge up-front cost or having to do it myself. Thanks Jen!