The Animation Series

What is the Animation Series of the Chronicles of Galadria?

I’m working on creating an animation series based on the story of the Chronicles of Galadria. Think Japanese anime, with various episodes and seasons that cover the entirety of the novel.
Besides combining the music and the story, this project will allow a wider audience to discover the Chronicles of Galadria. It will also strengthen the emotional impact of certain scenes and the adventure as a whole and will be an opportunity to clarify specific messages I wish to share but that got all mixed-up throughout the years of writing. Indeed, now that the story is complete it’s easier to have a global view over it and an extensive preparatory phase before starting anything so as to clearly express the key points. In contrast, the writing of the book was more spontaneous and chaotic.

Current Stage

• The Pitch Bible is ready and available (i.e. the document introducing the project: format, story, characters, visual & audio treatment, vision & messages…).
• Looking for production companies interested in reading the Pitch Bible to potentially make this project happen.
Know someone who could be interested? Contact me!
• Looking for a graphic artist interested in reading the novel and drawing some of its characters, landscapes, cities, monsters, items… First off to illustrate and thus strengthen the Pitch Bible. Then, once we’ve signed a deal with a production company and the project is underway (see previous point), that person would supervise all graphic aspects (as Artistic Director or similar). Therefore I’m looking for a real partner rather than a supplier – someone able to dive in the story and ready to work closely with me to define how the whole project will look.
Know someone who could be interested? Contact me!