General Information

What are the “Chronicles of Galadria”?

The Chronicles of Galadria is a fantasy novel in 6 volumes that I wrote between when I was 13 and 20 years old.
It tells the story of Glaide, a young man who always dreamed of visiting another world and who one day finds his prayers answered as a monster attacks two of his friends. From then on we follow his journey throughout the world of Galadria: we discover its inhabitants, history and culture, why the young man and his friends were brought there and what Glaide intends to do now that his dream has come true.
The story is as much an action-packed fantasy adventure driven by the quest of the “Destroyer” that Galadria inhabitants put on Glaide’s shoulders (with magic, drama, unexpected revelations and epic battles as befits the genre!), as a quieter and slower philosophical tale driven by Glaide’s joy at finally being where he’s always dreamed to be (with long and deep discussions about one’s motivations, the meaning of life and how our perception influences our reality).

For more information about the volumes, where to find them and the languages available, go here!

If you’d like to know more about the origin of this project, the process behind it and where it’s now headed, feel free to check out “The Story Behind the Story”!

Derivative Work

This novel has been a source of inspiration for me in various fields. Moreover, after publishing it online I realized I was very much interested in spreading the adventure through various means, although I do not intend to write sequels, prequels or other sides stories. Below are some examples of projects based on the Chronicles of Galadria:

• Composing the soundtrack:
Music was a tremendous source of inspiration during the writing process but I also became frustrated of not finding pieces that fitted perfectly what I was working on. To solve the problem I started composing my own soundtrack called “Chroniques de l’Autre Monde” (Chronicles of the Other World). You’ll find more information about all 3 albums here.

• The novel and its soundtrack:
While the pieces I composed to illustrate the novel were enjoyable to listen to by themselves, I still wanted to combine them with the story they were created for. As a first step in that direction I created videos combining both. Check them out!

• The animation series:
I’m currently working on getting the production of an animation series based on the Chronicles of Galadria started. Once ready it’ll be the ultimate version of the story (on top of combining it with its soundtrack for good!).