Project Management

Developing a new product or service, improving processes, organizing an event: projects can take many different shapes and are found everywhere; small & big companies in any industry, the public sector, NGOs, associations, locally & abroad…
A Project Manager & Team Leader will ensure the delivery of your project on time, on budget and with the required level of quality, no matter the type, no matter the field.

The Services

Project Managementwe supervise the project’s execution on the administrative level: defining goals & strategies, gathering/planing/distributing tasks, coordinating resources, updating stakeholders on progress (reports, presentations…), creating/following a budget…

Team Leadershipwe supervise the project’s execution on the human level: leading the team, motivating & creating enthusiasm, supporting, removing obstacles…


The following are a few examples of projects we’ve led/are currently leading:

• Coordinating the translation & formatting of documents and website elements from/to dozens of languages, with suppliers and customers all over the world

• Supervised the execution of 6 simultaneous 5S workshops (a method to sort & clean up) in industrial work areas

• Organized the promotion of Language & Culture Services to the Volvo Group with an international team

• Supervising the translation process and the worldwide publishing & sales of the novel “Chroniques de Galadria” with an international team located abroad

• Ensured delivery precision of booth & equipment at the Svenska Publishing Priset with an international team

• Gathered teenagers into an orchestra to play some pieces from the albums “Chroniques de l’Autre Monde”

More details about each example and more examples on LinkedIn.

Why Choosing Us?

We know how to manage a project & lead a team – 10+ years leading extremely varied projects & teams in different fields

We can work across cultures & borders and/or abroad – Extensive international background (lived abroad, worked with people from various countries, some of them located abroad, experience as a Language, Culture & Communication specialist…), speak French, English and Swedish

We get things done despite challenges – Methodical, proactive and persistent as well as solution-oriented, flexible and creative

We easily get along with others – Positive, passionate and enjoy collaborating

What the People we’ve Worked with Say

“The amazing thing is your ability to communicate naturally with just about anyone: our CEO, the purchasing department, the team members, happy or angry people, younger or older…”

Nathalie Amelot, Quality Manager MND Group & supervisor of the 5S project

Some companies we’ve worked with