Targeting a foreign audience – may it be customers, coworkers or else – often means using a foreign language. Indeed, not everybody speaks the company’s original language and people prefer in general being addressed and addressing others in their mother tongue. Customers are then more likely to buy, coworkers to cooperate efficiently and so on.
However translating content usually isn’t enough: it must be adapted to the local culture. This is where localization services come in handy: adapt your company’s message to a new language & culture to ensure it is understood and attractive!

The Services

Translationget your scripts, brochures, website, reports or else in another language

• From English or Swedish to French

Proofreadingmake sure your documents are enjoyable to read: no mistakes, consistency (same words or expressions designate the same things), right sentence structure…

• In French

Interpretationcommunicate with foreign partners in their mother tongue, give or listen to conferences in another language and much more

• Between French and English or Swedish

Dubbing / Voice oversreach your audience with an audio-visual project in their mother tongue

• More information under the “dubbing” tab

Transcriptionget the speech of an audio or video file on paper, with or without time-code, exactly as spoken or trimmed and arranged to be easier to read

• From a French, English or Swedish speech

Need help with localizing content for your company? Then get in touch to detail your project!

NB: Possibility to work both with agencies and directly with the end customer.