Language Training

In charge of a foreign branch of your company but you don’t understand the locals?
Experiencing difficulties in cooperating with foreign partners because they don’t master the company’s language?
Need to deal with customers abroad in their mother tongue?
Then language training is the solution: learn a foreign language from the ground up or sharpen your existing skills, alone or in a group, until you’ve reached your goal, then get the most out of your foreign partners!

The Services

Tailor-made language coursesyour goal, your starting point, your constraints (time, budget…), all combined into a unique study plan

• French courses. For example:

○ Sharing a few key sentences with a manager going on a business trip to a French-speaking country, to make a good first impression and handle the practical aspects (hotels, taxi, restaurant…)
○ Teaching an outbound expat who needs to be able to speak and understand as much French as possible before leaving
○ Providing in-depth oral and written training for an employee dealing with French-speaking customers/suppliers
○ Focusing on key words, sentences and grammar structures to help a company owner understand documents in French even though he/she doesn’t have time to learn the whole language

If you think learning a foreign language or improving your skills is something for you, get in touch and tell us more about your project!

NB: training can be provided in French, English or Swedish.