Cross-Cultural Education

Are you planning on being an expatriate abroad and would like to know what you’re getting yourself into?
Are you working with people from other countries and would like to improve cooperation?
Perhaps you’re planning on establishing a branch abroad but you’re not sure where to start?
For all of the above and many more issues, cross-cultural education is the key: follow a presentation, seminar or conference about another culture and learn about the local values, lifestyle and ways of working. You’ll also gain a new perspective on your own culture and will be ready to work with people from a foreign country and/or live there!

The Services

Fixed packagesto be purchased as is, for a quick and efficient training about the most common cross-cultural situations

• Seminars about France and the french culture:

Business Trip to France
Expatriate to France
Working with France

Tailor-made packageson-demand cross-cultural training fully customized to fit your needs

• Adjust one of the existing packages above: add/remove/replace modules, change the module’s order, etc.
• Require something brand new, specially built for you: choose the form (seminar, conference…), choose the targeted audience, the goal of the education, the modules to be addressed, etc.

Interested in learning more about a foreign culture? Then get in touch and tell us which package you want or give some details about the tailor-made solution you’re looking for!

NB: cross-cultural education can be provided in French, English or Swedish.