Are you facing an emergency and don’t have time to train someone from the company?
Maybe you don’t want to train internally, for whatever reason?
Or perhaps you need help right now while you’re getting someone ready to take over later on?
In either case, consulting is the key! Benefit from the skills and knowledge of a Language & Culture specialist: an immediate and flexible answer to a wide variety of issues!

The Services

Consulting as an External Partnerwhen your company needs help from a third party

• Specialization in French/France, Swedish/Sweden and English. For example:

○ Spot-on consulting to adapt your communication to the French/Swedish market
○ Presence in the meeting room to ensure that both French/Swedish efforts and your own are “on the same page” even when speaking a common language
○ Second opinion during the recruitment of French/Swedish candidates

Consulting as an Internal Team-Memberwhen you need someone to represent your company

• Specialization in French/France, Swedish/Sweden and English. For example:

○ Expert assistance with handling French/Swedish/English speaking partners (customers, suppliers, government agencies, job candidates…) until you feel ready to take over
○ Representation of your company during a french/swedish fair
○ Help with testing the French level of candidates for recruitment
○ Project management services to start a branch of your company in France/Sweden

Does this sound interesting? Then get in touch and detail what you need help with!