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  • New blog article “Can we Improve the World Through Personal Development?”! A summary of ideas that crossed my mind a couple of years ago on how our mindset could be the key to worldwide long-term improvements.
  • A brand new tab has been added to the site (that certainly doesn’t happen every day)! Have a look at “Project Management” to discover the newcomer – which will also be my main area of focus from now on – and how I can help you carry out your projects!
  • 3rd volume of the “Chronicles of Galadria” now available in English, under the name “Chronicles of Galadria III – Lessons”. More info under the tab “Chronicles of Galadria”.
  • New blog article: “How to best manage multicultural & multilingual meetings”! A couple of tips on what to think about to ensure optimal communication when meeting with people with a different language and culture from your own.
  • 4th volume of the “Chronicles of Galadria” now available in Spanish, under the name “Crónicas de Galadria IV – Despreocupación”. More info under the tab “Chronicles of Galadria”.

Services Offered

Project Management: work as a consulting Project Manager to supervise a project's execution, both on the administrative level (gathering/planing tasks, coordinating resources, updating stakeholders...) and the human level (lead the team, motivate & inspire, support...).

To ensure delivery on-time, on-budget and with the required level of quality!

Language & Culture: services in the field of languages, cultures and communication such as language or culture training, translation, interpretation and so on.

To help you deal with foreigners in the best possible way and do business with other countries!

Dubbing: voice-over & dubbing services in various languages and tones.

To bring your audio-visual projects to the next level!


I'm always looking for new business opportunities so whether you need some of the services advertised here or none of them fit but you believe my skills can still help, do get in touch!

Same if you simply want to talk about the book, the music, a specific blog post or whatever else!