Giving a voice to a fictional character (from a cartoon, a video game, a book…), commenting and adding depth to the images being shown, making a movie accessible to an audience speaking a foreign language: these are some of the (numerous) uses of Dubbing & Voice-Over services.
So record a voice (or have it recorded by professionals) in the language and with the tone you want and bring your audio-visual project to the next level: make it clearer, livelier and more attractive!

The Services

Dubbing & Voice-Overadd a voice to your audio-visual project; in the project’s original language or in a foreign one; to characters or as a narrator

• French (mother tongue, neutral accent)

• English (with more or less of a French accent)

• Swedish (with more or less of a French accent)

• Informative: calm, creates trust, serious, explains…

○ Perfect for documentaries, software tutorials, explainer videos, corporate films, etc.

• Acting: makes the characters believable, helps the audience to “dive” into what they watch/listen to

○ Perfect for advertisement (TV, radio…), audio books, dubbing of movies/TV series/cartoons/video games…

How I work

Interested in using my voice for your project or adding it to your voice bank? Three options:

You’re equipped to record/mix/edit sound and are located in the Gothenburg area: let me know and I’ll stop by to record my voice on the spot!

You’re equipped to record/mix/edit sound but are located away from Gothenburg: contact me and I can either come to your location or record my voice from home! I then deliver a “dry” file (no editing/mixing/mastering apart from what’s necessary to have a clear and clean audio file). Or if none of this works we can cooperate with one of the studios I’m already working with in Gothenburg.

You’re not equipped to record/mix/edit sound: get in touch and we’ll agree on a professional recording studio to work with! Either one you pick or one I’m already working with.


French voice over for Wargaming (via BTI Studios) – Informative video about the German tank “Tiger II” playable in their game “World of Tanks”.French song & voice over for Cernitol Novum (via Streamline Studios) – Advertisement for their medicine.Click on the picture above, scroll down on the page that appears, click on “David GP” then push the “enter” key.

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