Giving a voice to a fictional character (from a cartoon, a video game, a book…), commenting and adding depth to the images being shown, making a movie accessible to an audience speaking a foreign language: these are some of the (numerous) uses of Dubbing & Voice-Over services.
So record a voice (or have it recorded by professionals) in the language and with the tone you want and bring your audio-visual project to the next level: make it clearer, livelier and more attractive!

The Services

Dubbing & Voice-Overadd a voice to your audio-visual project; in the project’s original language or in a foreign one; to characters or as a narrator

• French (mother tongue, neutral accent)

• English (with more or less of a French accent)

• Swedish (with more or less of a French accent)

• Informative: calm, creates trust, serious, explains…

○ Perfect for documentaries, software tutorials, explainer videos, corporate films, etc.

• Acting: makes the characters believable, helps the audience to “dive” into what they watch/listen to

○ Perfect for advertisement (TV, radio…), audio books, dubbing of movies/TV series/cartoons/video games…

How I work

Interested in using my voice for your project? Two solutions:

You already have the proper recording equipment: let me know and I’ll come to record my voice on the spot!

You don’t have the right equipment: get in touch and we’ll agree on a professional recording studio to work with (one you pick or one I’m already working with)!

NB: If you are a recording studio I’ll gladly visit to record a demo that you can add to your database of voices!


Voice over in French for an informative video about the german tank “Tiger II”. Assignment from Wargaming.Click on the picture above, scroll down on the page that opens, click on “David GP”, push the “enter” key.

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