Volume 4 – Tranquility

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• ES: « Crónicas de Galadria IV – Despreocupación »

• EN: « Chronicles of Galadria IV – Tranquility »

• FR: « Chroniques de Galadria IV – Insouciance »

• IT: « Chronache di Galadria IV – Spensieratezza »

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After several months spent following Kezthrem’s instructions, Glaide finally reached the end of his training: he can handle his sword, his master listened to him and answered his questions and thus helped him grow and gain a little wisdom, his knowledge of the world increased thanks to Ralon and Koeris, his perception of the situation around him, more accurate, along with the encounters he made on the way led him into seeing the Destroyer and Galadria differently, and finally he understood that this newly found clarity would allow him to be more efficient in his quest, even though it also brings sadness and fear.

Time has thus come to travel again. First step: finding the friends he feels he has left ages ago. To do so, and despite his master’s warning, Glaide sets off toward Zakorth:  the only town in the Known Lands held by the enemy, but also the only place where he thinks he can gather information about his companions…

Confident in the future and in his new abilities, the young man will discover that, even though what is waiting for him once he reaches his destination is quite different from what he came to look for in the first place, he will for the first time be able to claim his place on Galadria by willingly choosing how to behave in front of situations involving others, proving that he no longer is the enthusiastic but ignorant teenager tossed around by events or his master’s instructions and whose decisions involve only himself. And it is indeed Glaide and not the Destroyer whom those he will help will remember…

As for his decision to help an unknown girl to go back home, it is an opportunity to walk on purpose away from his quest, at least for a while. He will discover that another life is possible, away from his adventure and its torments, and with this understanding will come a choice: to continue or not the Destroyer’s quest… Whatever he decides, he will have to take responsibility for it and face the consequences.

Although still happy to be on Galadria, the tranquility that will little by little turn this travel into a magic moment is no longer the consequence of a boy’s lack of awareness of the reality around him, but the choice of a man who deliberately decides to enjoy these moments of peace granted by Fate.


“The Chronicles of Galadria” tell the story of Glaide, a young man who fulfills his dream by traveling to another world, and therefore the story is centered around what happens to him and how he experiences it, along with his way of thinking. This allows the reader to understand what guides him, what gives him doubts and strength, and creates a character that the reader can identify with.

Therefore “The Chronicles of Galadria” are on a mission to give the reader both a Heroic Fantasy epic adventure in six volumes full of encounters, action and emotion as it should be, as well as a deeper, coming-of-age story that questions our manner of thinking and perceiving our own lives, where the obstacles the hero faces remind us of what we live.

This story can be enjoyed for one or the other of these two aspects, but it reveals its true scale and meaning only when both are combined.