This Website


This website was created to:

• Introduce who I am

○ Page “Who Am I
Blog articles on topics that matter to me
LinkedIn profile
○ Experiences, achievements and projects introduced under the various tabs

• Help developing my existing activities

○ Information about my book
○ Information about my music
○ Information about the services I offer

• Help starting new activities

○ List of projects I need help to start
○ I encourage visitors who may need my skills to get in touch, whether or not the services they require are advertised here

Details per Tab

Information about this web site, myself and the projects I intend to work on

Articles I write on topics I find interesting, related or not to the rest of this website: advice, ideas, opinions, thoughts…

Everything one needs to know about my book: summary of the volumes, where to find them, in which language, projects related…

Details about my work in Computer Music: list of the albums released and where to find them, projects related…

List of the services I offer in Management & Creative Content Localization along with customer cases