My Projects

This page gathers ideas for projects that I’m not sure how to start.

If you think you can help (advice, partnership offer, links to useful resources…), get in touch!


Project 1 –

Turning my book “Chronicles of Galadria” into an animated series:

to be able at last to combine the music with the scenes, to add images to the adventure and increase its emotional impact, to reach a new audience and to clarify key messages I would like to share through this story (since it’s now over it’s much easier to define a strategy on what to say and how beforehand, whereas the writing of the book was more spontaneous).
Working as a consultant alongside an animation studio seems to me like a good solution.

Project 2 –

Working abroad:

a couple of month (perhaps up to one year?), preferably with my company rather than being employed. Working on some kind of project would be best.

Project 3 –

Working as a team leader:

to use my leadership skills and find again that feeling of satisfaction that comes from building something with others. Some kind of project management would seem best since I already have some experience.